We're Hiring!

Hey, Justin Glover here…

At the current time, my partner Glen Hopkins and I have two roles that we’re hiring for, in our quest to scale IMC up to a $1 million company by the end of 2013.

For both of these roles, we’re looking for someone who is 100% reliable.

Here’s what I mean by that…

If I send you an email, you're able to get back to me within a 12 hour period. Or, if I ask for something to be done, I can count on you to get it done, on time, just the way I asked.

And, you're reason for wanting to join the team needs to be more than "I need to make some more money." It will really help if you have some passion for the home business industry.

Also, I can be a little direct at times, and some people might even say 'a little difficult to work with.' I need people in these roles who will not take anything personally - but will take my feedback on board, and work with me.

So here are the two roles:

Role #1: Customer Support Rep

For this role, the pay won't be that good. At least, if you're measuring in direct $.

However- I will be working fairly closely with you. Over time, as I begin to see that you are reliable, dependable, and serious about growing this company, I'll be happy to share with you the Inner workings of my 7-Figure business. My methods. Things that have taken me years to figure out. And you'll get to see how a real, successful online business actually functions. To the right person, you'll understand that kind of knowledge is far more valuable than a few extra dollars per hour.

You must have the following experience BEFORE applying:

- Must have 1 - 3 hours available each day (and possibly more as we scale)

- Must be able to work without supervision (in the beginning I'll be able to give you more time, but expect that you'll soon be able to work independently)

- Must be reliable (eg. you're here for the long term, and you're easy to get a hold of with short notice)

- Have direct experience with customer support

- Must be able to write clearly, and always in a polite manner - when responding to support tickets, it's important you can communicate clearly, and politely)

- Ideal if you have experience calling, and some sales skills. Eg. if someone's credit card is declined on a payment, you're able to call them back and collect new payment details)

- Ideal if you have experience with infusionsoft.com (if not infusion, you've used another platform like 1shoppingcart)

- A minimum of one-year experience working in customer service (ideally in an online environment) is required.

- Must have experience working with ZenDesk

- Must have a leadership mentality, and a passion to serve customers.

- Must be 100% honest and trustworthy

- Ideally, you are familiar with my business (you have a rough knowledge of our products, and what we do)

- Ideally, you have basic accounting skills (this will be handy when paying out affiliates). Or, at least know how to work with basic spreadsheets.

How to apply: Email me at 'jglover@digitalinfomastery.com' with the subject line 'I want to join the customer support team.' And tell me 2 things:

1.) The items listed above that you feel you have
2.) What products of mine (or Glens) do you have

Role #2: Phone Sales Support - Call existing customers to offer them additional products and services

When someone purchases one of our front end products, our customer support team calls them to welcome them to the family.  Basically, the call consists of us thanking the customer for their recent purchase, and let them know they made a good investment, and that we are real people who are here to help any way we can.

Your role would be to call these new customers back and educate them (when appropriate) on our other back end products and services.

The fact that they have already purchased a product from us in the past, makes them a very qualified lead. There reason for not buying into one of our backend products could be a very simple one, that can easily be solved through talking to the right person.

What you need to do this role:

- No fear of calling back

- You have direct sales experience- this is crucial. A lot of people come to me, and tell me how good they are at selling, but when given a trial, don't really deliver. I need someone who will deliver.

- You have Skype, and understand how to use it to call back the leads we give you. (if you don't you can get it for free at skype.com)

- You are good with people, and don't use 'high pressure' boiler room tactics to make the sale. Instead, you're able to do it by asking the right questions. This is important to me, because I don't want any of my customers (or potential customers) feeling worse after the call, than they did before.

- You're comfortable with working purely on commission.

- You 'go after' sales. For example: if you can't get a lead on the phone, you send them an email. You try to call them everyday for 3 days. You search for their email on Facebook, and if you find them, you send a message letting them know you are trying to reach them, and ask them what would be a good time to call.

Basically, when I say you 'go after' the sale- you don't sit back with the attitude of "I'll get around to it tomorrow."

From your experience of selling, you know that leads can go cold very quickly. So if I email you a hot lead, you need to be able to make the phone call as soon as you can.

- Ideally, you're already a customer of either Glen Hopkins or myself (Justin Glover). So you've used the products, you know what you're endorsing, and you can do it with integrity and conviction.

- You can solve problems. Eg. if a phone number does not look like it's American- you can do a search for the country code. You find out what country they are in. You then find out the local time zone in that country, and give them a call as soon as you can.

- This is an extremely important role. A lot of partners depend on you here, and you're performance can be the difference between a partner of mine making their first large commission online, or making nothing.

For this role, I will offer you a trial. I'll give you a certain number of leads to call: and, I'll let you know the target. If you can meet the target, then, we'll go from there.

To apply for this role
: Send me a detailed description of why you would be great in this role (email me at 'jglover@digitalinfomastery.com' with the subject line 'I want to join the IMC phone team').

And then, tell me:

1) Why you think you are qualified for this role

2) Tell me in detail the process you would go through to sell someone on joining the 30-Day Profit Challenge program. (this is actually one of our front end products, but for this example treat it as if it were one of our backend offers that the customer was looking into)

If you’re not already familiar with the 30-Day Profit Challenge, go here http://30dayprofitchallenge.com/video or http://30dayprofitchallenge.com/step2.html and have a look. You'll then see what the front-end offer is.

3) Your contact information (ie. Skype & phone #) so we can chat further on the phone.

The sooner you get your application in, the better.  We are looking to hire someone for these roles immediately.

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